"Snake Umbrella" - Dual BROCHE/PENDANT


Graal Pendant

Enameled cup pendant, available in various metals: Silver,Bronze.

#Cminor Ebony keys belonged to a piano of the Risorgimento period, enriched  with nuggets of Gold / Silver or precious stones.  Limited and numbered production  

Lizard & Amber :  A block of amber that contains a lizard (supplied by the customer) set on a base of yellow bronze  and turquoise beades.


  Large Heart Pendant in Yellow Bronze and HorsesSkin.  

Odio gli Indifferenti

Gold Frame with Calligraphy on Watercolor

Paper and Enamel and Strass. 

Magnum Bee

Jewel sculpture Silver and Rutilated Quartz. 

Necklace Bronze  N° 1 

Small Bee

Charme Silver/Bronze/Gold 

Magnetic Magic Wand

Terapeutical Magnetic Pendants and  Bronze Handle Stick.   

Non ho Sensi di Colpa

Red Bronze Pendant whit Message. 

Peacock Magic Wand

Silver and Titanium Kyanite.

Amethyst Magic Wand

Red Bronze and Prismatic Amethyst  

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